Project application

Demo projects

You will be allocated a demo project the first time you logon . This project is personal and for testing purposes. There is a limited quota for this demo project. If you need additional resources or a project in which you wish to collaborate with other users, please apply for a standard project using this web form.

Demo projects use excess resources that are usually available under normal operation, however, if there is a shortage of resources please note that we may terminate some or all instances running in demo projects without prior notice.

Quotas are set by region. Projects that haven’t been given a quota in their respective region will be automatically given a default quota.

Quota Name Default
Instances instances 2
vCPU cores 2
Memory ram 2048 MB
Number of volumes volumes 1
Volume size gigabytes 20 GB
Volume snapshots snapshots 3
The total number of instances possible to create in a project.
The number of processors (vCPU) available to an instance.
The amount of memory availble to an instance.
Number of volumes
In NREC, block storage is called volume. The number indicates how many volumes are available in a project.
Volume size
The total size of all volumes in a project.
Volume snapshots
The total number of snapshots of all volumes in a project.

Standard projects

You can apply for a standard project (i.e. not demo) by using this web form. In this form, you need to give some information about the project. Most importantly, we separate between personal and shared projects:

Personal projects are used by only one user. Only you will have access to your personal project.
Shared projects can have multiple users. Users can be added or removed at any time, but access control is done by contacting NREC support. In order to add a user, the user must have logged in to NREC at least once, else the user isn’t known in the system.