NREC GOLD images

Last changed: 2021-12-03

The NREC Team provides prebuild images for user consumption. We try to include popular Linux distributions as well as Windows images with an up to date patch level and basic features needed for working in the cloud.

We provide the following GOLD images:

GOLD image Family Default user name Boot FW End of Life Notes
Alma Linux 8 RedHat almalinux UEFI May, 2029 Downstream RHEL *
CentOS 7 RedHat centos BIOS May, 2024 Downstream RHEL *
CentOS 8 RedHat centos BIOS Dec, 2021 Downstream RHEL *
CentOS Stream 8 RedHat centos BIOS May, 2024 Upstream RHEL *
Debian 9 Debian debian BIOS June, 2022 “Stretch” release
Debian 10 Debian debian BIOS June, 2024 “Buster” release
Debian 11 Debian debian UEFI June, 2026 “Bullseye” release
Fedora 34 RedHat fedora BIOS May, 2022  
UiO Managed RHEL 7 RedHat cloud-user BIOS June 2024 UiO projects only
UiO Managed RHEL 8 RedHat cloud-user BIOS May, 2029 UiO projects only
Rocky Linux 8 RedHat rocky BIOS May, 2029 Downstream RHEL *
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Debian ubuntu BIOS April, 2023  
Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Debian ubuntu BIOS April, 2025  
Ubuntu 21.04 Debian ubuntu BIOS Dec, 2022  
Windows Server 2019 Std Windows Admin BIOS Jan, 2024 Activation in BGO only

*) “Downstream RHEL” means that this is a binary compatible distribution build on Redhat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), trailing the release closely. “Upstream RHEL” means that this distribution is ahead of RHEL, so if RHEL is in 8.4 release, the Stream release will be somewhere near the future 8.5 RHEL release.

UiO Managed

Shared projects with an organization affiliation to UiO have access to the “UiO Managed” images. An instance created from any of these images will instantly be automatically managed by the IT department at UiO. This includes CFEngine configuration management, monitoring and everything else.